Produced from sugar cane, glycolic acid has the littlest molecule of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid class (AHA’s).

So, it can permeate deeply and directly into pores, properly dissipating the glue that binds lifeless cells collectively:

.Has an even, deep exfoliation.
.Cleanses and clears clogged skin pores, blackheads, fades dark spots.
.The exfoliation actions encourages skin cells to improve turnover = a renewed, plump and healthy complexion.
.Reduction of fine lines.
.Reduces the overall look of pores.
.Helps with acne by keeping skin pores clear – salicylic acid is actually the star for acne therapy, so you might prefer to look at that when this is your primary concern.
.Includes a cumulative effect, with repeated use can activate collagen and tremendously enhance texture.

Note: To begin with something safer and much easier, use a low concentration of glycolic acid every day.

This is simply not only much easier, but delivers greater results as the constant use is what genuinely enhances your skin.

Concentration and Ph level – THE PLACE TO START?

A useful in the home glycolic facial peel ought to be between 5 – 20% concentration.

Anything larger is much too strong, do not use FIFTY/SEVENTY% unless you have built up to it and know what you’re doing.

That is industrial strength and you also simply don’t require it to get the benefits – much better to perform regular peels at a safer levels.

What About pH?

Typical pH of skin area is approximately 5.5, marginally acidic. One reason acid peels are beneficial is their capability to bring skin back again to its optimal ph levels.

In a glycolic acid face peel, a ph between two and three is perfect. Any larger and the result will undoubtedly be neutralized. Any lower and it’s really the same as battery acid!