glycolic acid 70%

Beautiful, healthy skin

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Why Chemical Peels Are the Secret to Perfect Skin

Because of its outstanding capacity to pass through skin, glycolic acid finds uses in the skincare industry, frequently as a chemical substance peel performed by way of a dermatologist in concentrations of twenty to seventy% or in at-home packages in lower concentrations between five and twenty%. As well as concentration, pH likewise plays a large portion in deciding the potency of the glycolic acid.

Medical-strength peels might have a pH of only 0.7 (powerful enough to totally keratolyze the skin), while acidities for home peels are often as high as 3.5.

Glycolic acid can be used to boost the skin’s look and texture. It can help reduce fine wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and may make improvements to many other skin conditions, like actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis and hyperkeratosis. Once used, glycolic acid chemically reacts with the top layer of the skin, loosening the binding qualities of the lipids that contain the dead skin cells collectively. This enables the stratum corneum to become exfoliated, exposing live skin cells. 

Skin Tone

Improves hyperpigmentation, skin discolorations, sun/age/dark spots, rosacea and melasma

Dead Skin Cells

Clearing up blocked pores and blackheads

glycolic acid 70%


Provides a remarkably even exfoliation of the skin

Acne Scaring

Acne scars respond well to consistent glycolic acid treatment



Helps to reduce fine lines and signs of premature aging by increasing cell turnover